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Lions of Wyoming Foundation

Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp

The Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp consists of 14 buildings including a main lodge with commercial kitchen, dorms set up for either boys/men or girls/women, a couples quarters with eight double occupancy rooms, a large high ceilinged game room, picnic area, volleyball area and an additional building may be used for larger group meetings.  The Camp is available for rental between June 15 and October 1.  Contact Lewis Lyon for booking the camp for groups at (307) 742-5960
or email:

     Each summer, the Lions of Wyoming provides a one week summer school for visually impaired youngsters. 
      CLICK HERE for a brochure that describes the Summer School.  
      CLICK HERE for student application form.
    Positions are available for student interns as well. CLICK HERE 
for the intern application.

Video about Summer School for Visually Impaired Students
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Chad, who is visually impaired, is a software engineer for Grumman Aircraft in California.  He began coming to the Summer School for visually impaired 19 years ago as a student.  He later became an intern helping with instruction, and now continues to return every year to provide instruction in Lego Robotics.  Click here to watch an interview with Chad about what he teaches the kids.

The Wyoming Lions Leadership Institute was held at the Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp in September.  Pictures show participants and the facilities at the camp.

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