Programs Supported

Lions of Wyoming Foundation

The Lions of Wyoming Foundation supports and promotes a variety of Lions projects and programs.  The Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp and the Wyoming Lions Early Vision Screening Program are specific to the state of Wyoming.     

Allen H. Stewart Lions Camp -- 

The Camp is owned by the Lions of Wyoming Foundation and operated by the AHSLC Board of Directors.  Click the link above to go the AHSLC page.

Early Childhood Vision Screening Project
The Wyoming Lions Early Childhood Vision Project is committed to ensuring that all children in the state of Wyoming receive the highest quality vision screening. Local Lions Clubs volunteers and professionals from Child Development Centers conduct vision screening activities with children ages six months to 72 months of age. The screening is conducted using the latest technology and the focus is on identifying possible vision problems that are most common in early childhood. The purpose of vision screening is the early identification and treatment of amblyopia and other vision problems that could lead to amblyopia.

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is one of the premier eye banks in the world, providing tissue to countries all around the world.

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation
The Rocky Mountain Lions Institute (Foundation) and Eye Bank are regional programs supported by the Lions of Wyoming and Colorado.  The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute houses the School of Ophthalmology for the University of Colorado, The University of Colorado Eye Center and the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, which is among the premier eye banks in the world.

Leader Dogs for the Blind
Leader Dogs for the Blind is a program that provides Leader Dogs at no cost for visually impaired persons all across the nation.  Leader Dogs is supported by Lions Clubs all over the United States.

Lions Clubs International Foundation
Lions Clubs International Foundation is the Charitable Arm of Lions Clubs International.  LCIF provides programs and assistance all over the world.

Grants to Local Lions Clubs provided by LoWF
Click above to go the web page for more information about how the LoWF provides assistance to local Lions Clubs in helping members of their community.